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Japanese Learning Resources We Love: Fall 2022

The weather, warm drinks and comfy sweaters make for a cozy vibe that just tempts you to stay in. Besides studying Japanese with a native teacher, outside
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Walking While Eating in Japan: Tabearuki (食べ歩き)

Tabearuki (食べ歩き) is the act of eating while walking, but this practice is greatly frowned upon in Japan. In fact, a lot of places strictly prohibit you from eating while walking. Why is that?

7 Japanese Language Schools in Honolulu, Hawaii

Thankfully, if you are an adult, there are some great Japanese language schools located in Hawaii. They offer classes ranging from beginner to advanced level. Some courses might be held online too, but we recommend weighing down your options before you decide which class you want to join.
Coto Academy

How Do You Use The Japanese Phrase そうです(Sou Desu)?

Why do Japanese people like to use the word そうですね (sou desu ne), そうですよ (sou desu yo), そうですか (sou desu ka) and more? Learn the meaning behind そうですね and why is this an important Japanese phrase?
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5 Japanese Language Schools in Auckland, New Zealand

Check out the top 5 places to learn Japanese in Auckland, New Zealand. Ranging from private to group Japanese lessons, beginner to advanced, in-person and online.
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9 Japanese Language Schools in Sydney, Australia

Looking to learn in Sydney, Australia? One of Australia's biggest cities doesn't fall short on Japanese language lessons from beginner to advanced.
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5 Scary Japanese Ghost Stories for Halloween 2022

We are now officially in October, and spooky festivities start to prepare for Halloween. Are you in the mood for some horrifying stories told through generations? Or are you looking to learn some Halloween-related Japanese words? Some Japanese ghost stories, also known as kaidan are based on true stories. So dim the lights, get comfortable […]
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Japanese Words You Can’t Translate to English

Like any other languashes, in Japanese, there are certain words and phrases that cannot excactly be accurately translated in English. Because of this, it may feel frustrating to capture the right emotion for a specific situation, even as something as saying Ganbatte to wish for someone else to keep it up, when in reality Ganbatte […]
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How to Say “I’m Sorry” in Japanese: Sumimasen, Gomenasai and 14 More

Learn the complex art of apologizing in Japanese.
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Where to Find Japanese Language Exchange Event

In this article, we share the top 10 Japanese language exchange events held in Tokyo. At the bottom of the page, we have a bonus section for those living outside of Tokyo and in the Kansai region.
Coto Academy

Our New Online Course Website is Launching Soon!

We're excited to announce that we are redesigning out our online course website, and we can't wait for you to see it once it launches!
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Where to Find Tech Meetups in Tokyo

Check out the best tech meetups in Tokyo. Going to tech meetups in Tokyo is a great way to broaden your network, break into Japan's tech industry and possibly make new career opportunities.
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