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Our New Online Course Website is Launching Soon!

We're excited to announce that we are redesigning out our online course website, and we can't wait for you to see it once it launches!
Coto Academy

Coto’s 2023 Intensive Course Price Update

From January 2023, we’ll be introducing a new pricing plan for our Japanese intensive courses. These adjustments let us hire new instructors and give students more lesson availabilities.
Coto Academy

Working Holiday Visa for Short-term Language Students in Japan Through ERFS

Learn how Coto Academy can be your sponsor for the ERFS if you want to come to Japan for a short-term stay.
Coto Academy

Pera Pera Weekly Chat is Back: July 2022 Schedule

Only for Coto students, sign up for our weekly Pera Pera chat session!
Coto Academy

Summer 2022 Kids Online Japanese Class

Fun, engaging and personalized online Japanese lessons for kids this summer 2022
Coto Academy

How to Get a Working Holiday Visa in Japan with Coto Academy | ERFS 2022

Coto Japanese Academy is excited to announce that we are sponsoring working holiday visas for prospective students who want to enroll in our Japanese intensive courses — and live in Japan. Through this, they are able to apply the ERFS for a short-term stay. Kindly note that you need to register for one of our […]
Coto Academy

Upper-Intermediate Japanese Courses at Yokohama

Learn about world news and business Japanese to excel in your work environment. Part-time evening Japanese course now available.
Coto Academy

March Japanese Intensive Course in Tokyo

Japanese intensive course, special golden week course and conversation-level up Japanese lessons open for registration.
Coto Academy

Learn Japanese in VR: Metaverse Japanese Learning Event

Coto Japanese Language Academy hosted its first Japanese learning events in the metaverse — of the many more coming soon.
Coto Academy

Coto Academy Announces High Pass Rate for JLPT 2021

Coto Japanese Academy is proud to announce that our students achieved a high overall pass rate of 72.7% for their JLPT 2021.
Coto Academy

New 2022 Japanese Course at Coto Japanese Academy Iidabashi

Intensive Japanese course for beginners and part-time business Japanese course now available at Iidabashi, Tokyo.
Coto Academy

Study Japanese After Work in Boston, New York, D.C. or Philadelphia (EST)

Living across the globe but looking for high-quality Japanese lessons? Join our fun Japanese online intensive course.
Coto Academy
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