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How Do You Use The Japanese Phrase そうです(Sou Desu)?

Why do Japanese people like to use the word そうですね (sou desu ne), そうですよ (sou desu yo), そうですか (sou desu ka) and more? Learn the meaning behind そうですね and why is this an important Japanese phrase?
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9 Japanese Language Schools in Sydney, Australia

Looking to learn in Sydney, Australia? One of Australia's biggest cities doesn't fall short on Japanese language lessons from beginner to advanced.
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Japanese Words You Can’t Translate to English

Like any other languashes, in Japanese, there are certain words and phrases that cannot excactly be accurately translated in English. Because of this, it may feel frustrating to capture the right emotion for a specific situation, even as something as saying Ganbatte to wish for someone else to keep it up, when in reality Ganbatte […]
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Keigo (敬語) and Tameguchi (タメ口): Guide to Casual and Polite Japanese

Japanese casual and polite language varies greatly in relationships depending on how well people know each other and whether each party agrees to be treated in the way they are.
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Our Favorite Japanese Learning Resources: August 2022

Fun fact: every week, Coto team gathers together to talk about their favorite Japanese learning resources. It could be anything from podcasts, J-vlogs, and new Japan-based TikTokers to newfound digital dictionaries and Japanese language blogs.  We have to say, squinting under the sun, sweating and exclaiming, “Atsui desu ne!” ten times in an hour was […]
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Why けど (Kedo) and が (Ga) Doesn’t Just Mean “But”

The conjunctive particle けど is interchangeable with the particle が and has a similar meaning to the English word “but” or “even though”. However, Japanese people like to put けど (kedo) at the end of sentences to sound less confrontational and polite.
Coto Academy

How to Use Kawaii (かわいい): Japan’s Obsession with Cuteness

You've probably heard of the Japanese word kawaii, which means lovely, charming, cute and adorable. but what is the kawaii culture, and how does one become kawaii? How do you use かわいい?
Coto Academy

JLPT Alternatives to (Still) Test Your Japanese

Although JLPT is the de facto standard, it's only held twice a year. This got us thinking: what are the other alternatives to officially prove our Japanese?
Coto Academy

13 Japanese Swear Words For When You’re Pissed Off

Want to learn some of Japan's no-no words? We'll be going over some of Japan's Swear Words that you probably should not be using. They can range from kind of insulting to you'll get punched if you say this. Read on to learn more!
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10 JLPT Tips For The Actual Test Day

Okay. So you’ve studied the JLPT for months, reading grammar books, making flashcards and taking mock exams. You feel like you’re all set to take the test. There’s nothing that can go wrong when you have all that knowledge locked in, right?  Wrong. While we put most of our focus on studying Japanese, we tend […]
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The Mystery of Wha..? Why Ha (は) Is Pronounced as Wa (わ)

The million-dollar question that perplexes all Japanese learners at the beginning: Why is ha (は) read as wa — which sounds exactly the same as わ? We all thought Japanese phonetics is pretty straightforward, but just when you think you’ve nailed the hiragana and katakana writing system, you come across this conundrum.  Of course, once […]
Coto Academy

These Loanwords in Japanese Didn’t Come From English

Loan words in Japanese, or gairaigo(外来語), are words borrowed from foreign countries other than China — but not all of them come from English.
Coto Academy
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